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A full range of aggregate materials for all your drainage and decorative requirements.

Drainage Aggregate

  • 1-2mm Grit
  • 2-6mm Gravel
  • 4-10mm Gravel
  • 20mm Gravel
  • 40mm Gravel
  • Lytag
  • Reject Stone
  • Sharp Sand


Base layer
  • Crushed Concrete
  • Crusher Run
  • Road Planings
  • Scalpings
  • Type 1 – Granite, Limestone and Recycled
  • Breedon Gravel
  • Golden Brown
  • Grey Granite Fines
  • Pink Granite Fines
  • Greenpave
  • Redgra
  • Redpave
  • Self Binding Gravel


  • Chippings
  • Pebbles
  • Cobbles
  • Granite Boulders

Available loose in bulk 20 and 29 tonne loads

Cricket Wicket Loam

Available in 3 different clay strengths dependent on the level of cricket played.
  • Finely screened to 3mm
  • Sterilised or unsterilized
  • Bulk or pre-packed in 25kg bags

Divot Mix/Tees Dressing

Divot mixes for all applications – golf, horse racing and polo using our own organic Fensoil, Composted Green Compost or Loam.  Promotes moisture retention for rapid germination, blended to customer requirements from 50/50 to 70/30 etc.

Available loose from 10 to 29 tonne loads.

Fairway Dressing

TURF HUMUS has been specifically developed to improve grass cover on Fairways and other outfield areas.  It is an organic Top Dressing, rich in humus and nutrients, to “green-up” and feed the sward for many weeks, reducing and in some cases eliminating the need for fertilizer application.  TURF HUMUS shows excellent early colour response and is also fantastic value for money – a typical 50m3 load will dress an area up to 10,000m2.  Screened to 5mm or 10mm.

Specified by leading Agronomists for use on Fairways, these materials have been supplied to many of our Championship, Heathland and Links Golf Course customers.

Available loose in bulk 30m3 and 50m3 loads.

FENDRESS™ Top Dressing

Manufactured to the highest specification using only the finest quality materials, screened through a 3mm woven mesh. A premium Top Dressing for the discerning customer.

  • Recommended by leading Agronomists.
  • Attracts repeat customers year after year.
  • Available in 2 varieties: 
    • Fendress™ Original. Fensoil-based and manufactured since 1981.
    • Fendress Greentop™. New generation, organic based.

Growing Medium


Screened to 4mm, Fensoil is the ideal medium to blend with sand to produce rootzone and top dressing. As used in our very own Fendress™ Original Top Dressing and Fendress™ Rootzone.

Sandy Loam

Screened to 4mm, perfect for rootzone, turf-laying and sportsfields. As used in our very own Sand/Loam Top Dressing and Rootzone.


Screened to 10mm, a multi-purpose material. Suitable for landscaping, tee construction, bunker backs and planting.

Tree Planting Compost

Blended green compost, bark fines and fertiliser.

Turf Humus / Soil Improver

Turf Humus – screened to 5mm. Suitable for dressing golf fairways, greens approaches and racecourses.

Soil Improver – screened to 10mm. Suitable for general soil improvement or mulching.

Outfield Dressing

A range of multi-purpose, economically priced outfield dressings.
Suitable for:
  • Goal mouths

  • Pitch levelling

  • Pitch repair

  • Racecourses

Available loose from 10 to 29 tonne loads.

Pathway Material

A full range of sub-base and pathway surfaces in a variety of grades and colours

Base Layer

  • Crusher Run

  • Gravel

  • Road Planings

  • Type 1

  • Type 2

Breedon Gravel

Self-binding gravel to produce a neat golden finish.


Natural product, popular with Golf Clubs.

Golden Brown

Natural looking, free-draining material. Available in 2 grades:

  • 0 – 5mm

  • 0 – 20mm

Granite Fines

Pink or grey tinge. Hard-wearing and competitively priced.

  • 0 – 4mm

  • 0 – 6mm


Pale green finish, popular with Golf Clubs. Available in 3 grades:

  • 0 – 3mm

  • 0 – 6mm

  • 0 – 10mm


Running tracks, football pitches, long jump run-ups.


Pale pink finish that contrasts well with surrounding grassed areas. Available in 2 grades:

  • 10mm

  • 6mm

Play Sand

Certified, non-staining silica sand. Suitable for:

  • Jumping Pits

  • Play Areas

  • Volleyball Pitches

Rootzone – Construction

Over the past 40 years our company has become one of the major suppliers of Rootzone materials to the UK’s leisure industry.

As a Founder Member of the BRTMA (British Rootzone and Top Dressing Manufacturers Association), we are able to offer approved, repeatable and quality-controlled products for the construction and maintenance of sports turf areas.

We offer a comprehensive range of ready-mixed Rootzones to USGA or UK guidlines. Also Economy Rootzones and Divot Mixes available nationally to satisfy all projects – large or small.

Special prices apply for multiple load orders.

Available loose in bulk 20 and 29 tonne loads.

Rootzone – Maintenance

As a Founder Member of the BRTMA (British Rootzone and Top Dressing Manufacturers Association) we are dedicated to the supply of Rootzone materials produced to a high standard of specification and quality control.

For optimum playing performance, a free-draining rootzone material is important to transmit water quickly from the surface to the grass roots and retain sufficient moisture and nutrients to support grass growth.

We offer a comprehensive range of ready-mixed USGA and Economy Rootzones from 50/50 to 90/10 mix.  We blend Silica Sand with Fensoil, Sandy Loam or Turf Humus to suit your personal application.

Ideal for maintenance of golf tees, racecourses, football, rugby and polo pitches.  Please specify your requirements.

Special prices apply for multiple load orders.

Available loose in bulk 20 and 29 tonne loads.

Sandy Loam & Topsoil

Sandy Loam

Screened to 4mm from our own repeatable sources in East Anglia. Fertile and free-draining. Suitable for:
  • Rootzone

  • Sports pitches

  • Turf laying



Screened to 10mm. Very competitively priced. Suitable for:
  • Bunker backs

  • Landscaping

  • Planting

  • Tee construction

  • Turf laying

Available loose in bulk 20 and 29 tonne loads.

Silica Sand

A full range of moist and kiln dried sands in a variety of grades and colours.
Suitable for:
  • Bunkers
  • Equestrian
  • Jump and Play pits
  • Sports surfaces
  • Synthetic pitches
  • Top Dressing
  • Verti-Draining