FENDRESS™ Top Dressing

Manufactured to the highest specification using only the finest quality materials, screened through a 3mm woven mesh. A premium Top Dressing for the discerning customer.

  • Recommended by leading Agronomists.
  • Attracts repeat customers year after year.
  • Available in 2 varieties: 
    • Fendress™ Original. Fensoil-based and manufactured since 1981.
    • Fendress Greentop™. New generation, organic based.


Our premium range of FENDRESS™ Top Dressings are formulated using only the finest quality materials, carefully selected from repeatable resources, then blended to perfection through a 3mm woven mesh.

FENDRESS™ Original is a fensoil-based material and has been in production since 1981. An all time favourite amongst our many customers, FENDRESS™ Original still remains one of the Nation’s Top Selling brands of Top Dressing.

Introduced in the mid 1990’s FENDRESS Greentop™ is the new generation of Top Dressing material – an organic-based product that is humus rich and soil-free. FENDRESS Greentop™ is the ‘green’ alternative to the traditional soil-based Top Dressing.

FENDRESS™ attracts repeat customers year after year, is manufactured to USGA guidelines and recommended by leading Agronomists. The brand FENDRESS™ is often used as a generic term for Top Dressing and whilst often copied has never been rivalled.

If it’s time for a change, change to FENDRESS™.

Special Introductory Offers apply.

Available loose in bulk 20 and 29 tonne loads

As Supplied To:

Aldeburgh Golf Course
Broadstone Golf Course
Buckingham Golf Course
Lutterworth Golf Course
Royal Worlington