Rootzone – Maintenance

As a Founder Member of the BRTMA (British Rootzone and Top Dressing Manufacturers Association) we are dedicated to the supply of Rootzone materials produced to a high standard of specification and quality control.

For optimum playing performance, a free-draining rootzone material is important to transmit water quickly from the surface to the grass roots and retain sufficient moisture and nutrients to support grass growth.

We offer a comprehensive range of ready-mixed USGA and Economy Rootzones from 50/50 to 90/10 mix.  We blend Silica Sand with Fensoil, Sandy Loam or Turf Humus to suit your personal application.

Ideal for maintenance of golf tees, racecourses, football, rugby and polo pitches.  Please specify your requirements.

Special prices apply for multiple load orders.

Available loose in bulk 20 and 29 tonne loads.



As Supplied To:

Luffenham Golf Course
Northants County Golf Course
Notts Hollingwell Golf Courses
Stratford upon Avon Golf Course
West Herts Gold Course