Growing Medium


Screened to 4mm, Fensoil is the ideal medium to blend with sand to produce rootzone and top dressing. As used in our very own Fendress™ Original Top Dressing and Fendress™ Rootzone.

Sandy Loam

Screened to 4mm, perfect for rootzone, turf-laying and sportsfields. As used in our very own Sand/Loam Top Dressing and Rootzone.


Screened to 10mm, a multi-purpose material. Suitable for landscaping, tee construction, bunker backs and planting.

Tree Planting Compost

Blended green compost, bark fines and fertiliser.

Turf Humus / Soil Improver

Turf Humus – screened to 5mm. Suitable for dressing golf fairways, greens approaches and racecourses.

Soil Improver – screened to 10mm. Suitable for general soil improvement or mulching.



As Supplied To:

Copt Heathe Golf Course
John Gunner Landscapes Ltd
Liphook Golf Course
Oakham School
The Berkshire Golf Course